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Sorry it took so long to follow up, been very busy the last couple evenings. Unfortunetly King's method didnt work out in my case, I wasnt able to uninstall sp3 because it wasnt on my uninstall programs list. I tried installing sp1, sp2 and a fresh sp3 but kept getting the "Cannot install because the service pack language does not match the install language" message. I also learned that the Acer Aspire One's have a hidden drive that holds the image of windows on it, and by holding alt + F10 during the post you can re-image your netbook at anytime. However it doesnt bring you back to the stage at which you set your install language. So I contacted Acer and they told me I had to to do a system recovery using an external cd rom drive. Soooo, the long and short of it is... have to do a full reformat tonight when my little brother gets here.

Thanks for the the advice regardless Kingnubian, Kapt and Arinoth its muchly appreciated.
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