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My System Specs


drop your clocks to normal, test your system.

IE: sfc and chkdsk

If it passes you're okay. It probably will.

This is what I do to overclock, and I hope that people like 3oh6 aren't watching.

Read online what clocks people are getting and at what voltage. The find out the maximal SAFE voltage for your processor.

Mine is supposed to be 1.5 to 1.55, depending on who you ask. I would set the voltage to 1.5v and then keep clocking it up until it fails. Drop down a step until it's stable again, then drop voltage until it fails. Bump the voltage back up one notch and then do a 24hr Orthos run. If it's stable then I consider that an "ok" clock.

There is much more to it that you could do, but that's the cheap and dirty way of doing it, in my experience.

Anyone else have comments on my barbarianistic ways?
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