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Originally Posted by opivyskaguy View Post
Thanks guys, I managed to get it working with all your suggestions. I'll outline what I did just in case anyone else has this issue.

I went back and re-seated both video cards, made sure all connections were perfect. Then I booted into Windows and checked that Crossfire was still enabled and all my settings were correct. After that I plugged in two monitors, one for each card.

After I plugged in the monitors and rebooted I had post on my secondary GPU but the primary was still blank. Once Windows loaded the primary monitor took over. So I made sure all my settings were correct again and rebooted into the bios. I managed to find a setting "Initiate Graphic Adapter" that was set to PCI/PEG. So I assumed right there that was my issue. I reversed it and set it to PEG/PCI and rebooted. Post showed back up on my primary monitor and I was back in business!

Thanks a lot guys for the input!!

I remembered having a similar issue one time. I thought that was how I fixed it, but couldnt be 100%. Glad to hear my head-against-wall troubleshooting fixed your issue. Concussions arnt cool
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