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Default No way to boot

Hello everyone

I recently had a power surge in my computer (or so it seems, the screen flickered and frozewhile watching animes on crunchyroll) and after doing a hard reset, I was unable to boot from my usual windows hard drive(XP Pro. It froze when you have the windows splash screen with the blue loading bar).
Thinking that I had killed my boot sector or my MBR, I popped in the windows install cd and did the FIXBOOT and FIXMBR repair commands. Windows still could not boot.
So maybe I fried some part of the hard drive plates. So I unplugged my windows hard drive and plugged in my ubuntu linux one(which was disconnected previously, both power and data). This one froze right before the GRUB menu screen.
Next, I tried booting Slax and Knoppix by USB, which didn't.
Then, I popped in the Ubuntu Live CD, but it froze right after the 30 second timer. Something was definitely weird here since it could boot the XP pro cd no problem but couldn't do anything with the Live CD.
I tried swapping out my RAMs with other ones, but it did the same thing.
Also, the reset button didn't work after each freeze. It would clear everything away from the screen, but would not reboot. I had to power down each time.

As such, I have determined that the defective piece must be the CPU or the motherboard. But owning but one S775 setup, I cannot check out which one is at fault. So I need help to determine which one I should replace.

My setup:
Pentium D 840 3.2Ghz
Gigabyte GA-8I945P-G
OCZ XTC Gold 2 gig
XFX 7900 GS Xtreme
OCZ Modstream 520 W
2X LG GA-H10N DVD burners
WD caviar SE 160gig 16mb Cache

It could also be my video card or my screen, but I don't think that would be it.
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