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Originally Posted by stoanee View Post
Nice pics, it is interesting to note that the backplate is facing one way for Intel cpu's and the other for AMD. I find this to be a very good cooler for the $.
Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I wanted to do a pictoral of the install process. The differences aren't huge, but might be confusing for somebody who's never done an AMD install and can only find images of Intel installs. The major differences are the backplate, and the fact that the mounting bracket must be oriented differently for an up/down configuration (unlike the intel install).

Originally Posted by miggs78 View Post
Steve, those pics are actually pretty good quality, lots better than found on reviews on other sites. Nice to see another person take the plunge on Phenom 3. When you do get a chance (not the right thread sorry) but please do mentioned if it it was cheaper than an i7.

Can't wait to see your benchmark and cooler results.. :)
Thanks for the kind words on the images. They're not bad, but SKYMTL and his merry band of scriblers set an awfully high bar when it comes to the quality of pics. I don't have the setup to get the lighting right (hence the yellow/brown background on a few of the images).

I've never priced out an i7 rig for myself so I'm not completely sure of the direct comparison. I do know that it's hard to get your hands on a top-of-the-line-chipset motherboard for $200, and that the processor was a lot less expensive. The only comparible pricing would have been on the DDR3, but I wanted a full AM3 rig.

Originally Posted by CMetaphor View Post
What he said... Booyeah for taking the plunge!

That 212+ looks pretty darn skinny actually, its good to know since it will more easily fit more boards with a push/pull configuration.
Yep... it also offers a lot of choice when it comes to push/pull with higher CFM 38mm fans. :)

Originally Posted by Eagle Eye View Post
Great Pics Steve, and on a small note I appreciate the larger text Looking forward to the results of your benchmarking consider myself subscribed.

Heh.... maybe it's a "getting older" thing, but I've always found that one extra bump in font size makes a big difference in readability for me.... :)

Anywise... spent the whole night getting this stuff together last night, so now we're off to mount it to the testbed, put some power to it, and see what we can get out of it. :)

Unfortunately it's going to be mostly apples-to-oranges as I don't have another cooler (besides the stock cooler) to compare to, but it'll at least provide a reference point WRT the stock cooler, and WC.
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