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Totally acceptable and agreeable results at least for me..

Instead of talking BS and criticizing, I think you guys should appreciate the reviews done by these reviewers, it might be very easy for you to read and find errors in the review, but it's way more difficult for the reviewers to actually make that review for you to see..

Think for once, if these guys didn't care about public reading the reviews and becoming one of the few trusted reviews on the web out there, they would have just write half reviews that make no sense or incorrect information, bur rather they spend so much time and energy reviewing products and providing quality results that DO make sense and try and compare EVERY possible method out there... Off course the Prolimatech cooler is really good, but this reviews wasn't about that cooler, it was about the Hyper 212+ cooler, how good it was out of the box, the fact it supports dual fans out of the box, the fact it has such a nice polished flat base, the fact that the fan provided isn't just a cheapo fan that we see on lots of heatsinks, it is a quality 2k fan, the fact that it isn't meant for extreme cooling, the fact that it comes with a proper mounting kit out of the box.. Hek the reviewer even goes enough to mention what SKY had quoted earlier, that the Prolimatech proves itself the King as more processor heat is generated...

Guys.. stop the questioning on the reviews and appreciate the people behind the scenes on the reviews, before they stop writing reviews and we suffer, not that they will, but they can if they want..

Sorry Akg, SKY if I spoke something incorrect, I wish I didn't...
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