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Default Some general information

My system specs are in my sig.

I'm going to have a bit of money the summer so I had an idea to get WC for my main build. I just have a few questions for you people experienced with WC.

Am I able to get a WC kit for under $400?
Will the WC kit be compatible with my 750i FTW?
If I want to upgrade to LGA1156 later on will my WC kit still be useful?
If I get a newer GPU, will I be able to get something compatible with both my card and say an HD 5850? (I don't expect most people to know this)
My case ambient temp is 33C. How will this fall if I choose WC?
Will WC be any louder than my current setup? (I'd say mine is about 25dBa)
If my Q6600 idle/load temps are 33C/56C with air cooling, what can I expect a WC setup to change these to?

That's it for now. I believe my CM Storm Sniper is WC capable.

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