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Ok thanks all for the input. My posting of this thread accomplished 2 things:

1. I got more interest in my FS thread (totally unintentional)

2. I got piece of mind. If the deal goes through I think I will be keeping the 4890 I have since I'm running on a 22" monitor (samsung 2253bw or something)

I really appreciate the time taken by everyone to read my post and try to help me out. I know it must have been hard to go through and there was a lot of information, I just wanted to make sure I gave the whole story. A full perspective, if you will, into what I've been dealing with.

My main issue was that I had 2 cards because of a deal that went south, and after meddling with CF a little bit (and doing extensive analysis into the benefits/cost) I knew I needed to sell one of them; I had my 4870 up for sale for about a month now with little to no interest for the last 2 weeks. I'm surprised no one suggested I list the 4890 for sale and just stick with the 4870. Maybe it is still a viable option? Thoughts?

oh and P.S. Money is always [at least a little bit of] a problem
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