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Exclamation Need some feedback

Cowboy's FS thread!

Ok, so here's my story:

I currently have a 4870 512 and a 4890 1gb. I want to sell either one or the other. I have no intention of keeping both and dealing with CF issues. I recently put my rig back together (minus a case... but thats another story) for the first time in a month. I have both the 4870 and the 4890 installed, and in CF. I am showing better performance than 2 4870's in CF and lower performance from 2x4890's in CF in my benchmarks. So it is a middle ground between the 2 configurations.

My original "plan" was to sell my 4870 BEFORE buying a retail 4890 and going on my merry way. Turns out that I found a really sweet deal on a used 4890 from a guy on [H] and I had a potential buyer for my 4870 simultaneously. So I took a risk and bought the card, while waiting for the sale of my 4870 to finalize (not the best idea... as apparent from my problems).

The Problem:

What do I do? Keep in mind that I have an 850w Corsair PSU than CAN use both cards, and that I would prefer to only have 1 card.

Further details:

I have both of these cards on water along with my northbridge (modded a block with my dremel) and my CPU (PHII 940BE). I am using a mcw60 on the 4870 (which is the primary card) and a koolance fullcover on the 4890 (secondary card). I needed to do it this way because I have an mATX mobo and I'm running a wireless PCI card in the very bottom slot.

Swiftech gtz for the cpu, 2x black ice gt 120mm rads, 1x swiftech mcr220 2x120mm rad, mcp355 w. xspc top.

I really need advice on this from other people because my thinking is clouded by my WANTS and not my needs. Thanks.
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