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Default iPhone 3GS

Well I just ordered the iPhone 3GS for $299 upgrade price. I should be able to get it in 5-10 business days. I was originally had to pay the $549 but rogers is doing a sale promotion that lets you upgrade for $299 if you have purchased your iphone 3G at a certain time which I did and spent consistently $100 every month for a wireless plan but I only had about $87 a month on wireless. So technically I am not eligble for the upgrade for $299 and have to pay $549. So if I would have to pay $549 I would say screw it and not upgrade because it isn't that big of a jump.

here is the promotion...
Offer 2:
If you are an existing iPhone 3G customer who activated or upgraded to your iPhone 3G from July 11-Sep 30 2008 and have consistently spent on average of $100 or more each month on your Rogers wireless services (pre-tax and including any type of wireless service charges) you will get $500 off the no-term price of an iPhone 3GS (you get to keep your current iPhone 3G), provided that you have a data plan and extend your service agreement by 1 year. If a family plan account spends on average over $100 in wireless services during the above period, the account will be able to upgrade one line with this limited time offer. This offer does not apply for upgrading to an iPhone 3G. This offer also does not apply to customers that have a smartphone other then the iPhone.

No-term Offer 1 Offer 2 iPhone 3G S 16 GB $699 $449 $199 iPhone 3G S 32 GB $799 $549 $299

So after several hours on the phone and several people saying I couldn't upgrade for the sale price I got to speak to someone kind enough to let me have it :). The only reason why I kept calling was because on a different forum some people got the special price even though they were $30 under the required monthly bill. So I knew I could get it at just $18 under. Now when I get my 3GS I may downgrade my plan to something cheaper but Rogers is probably going to do the same thing next year so maybe not.

So I am going to sell my old 3G phone on ebay and get around $450-500 for it to easily cover the cost. Like I said before I would do this if I could cover the cost because it isn't a major upgrade. Oh it is the 32GB black model :)!!

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