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Originally Posted by Jonwall View Post
I have the same cpu and the m3a79-t. I didnt lap the cpu or my vendetta 2 but about 3.8 seems to be my stable limit although it could be because my psu cant handle having that much of an oc along with my 2 video cards. I also did need 1.55v on the cpu to get this, and had to mess around for awhile but it was pretty fun.

Just so you know alot of the 940s if not all seem to have an issue hitting and exceeding 4ghz on air. People have been at 3990 and prime 95 stable, but the extra 10 mhz wont boot.

And the phenom IIs are also about 20% faster clock for clock than the first gen phenoms if i remember correctly.
Thats pretty good, I might get the 940 with the ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe
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