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My System Specs

Default Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Well, I have always been a Fan (no pun intended) of CM Case Fans, but alas the best I could get out of them was 44CFM ones, and for me being a Windtunnel Type Guy, that was far from enough.
So, I switched a While Back to AeroCool Xtreme Turbine/ Yate Loons because they gave me a Measured 85CFM and were Blue LED.

I do use Tiger from time to time for Parts, and I have a very helpful Account Manager (for my Full time Job) who gives me the scoop on new arrivals.

Well, CM , you have won me back!
New Blue LED Fans on the Horizon (ETA is very soon for stock) that I will be adding to my Air Cooling Madness.

R4-L2R-20AC-GP - Cooler Master

90CFM, 2000rpm and a Whooping 3.04mmH20 Static Pressure. As soon as their order comes in , I will be picked up a whole bunch to Test. And, in true CM fashion, they are Half the Price of my Traditional AeroCools/Loons with better performance.

If anyone is interested, the Tiger Stock # is 3283-2042 (won't show them till they get stock).
As well, they will Have Green / Red and Smoke Colours too!

Just a Little FYI for everyone!!


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