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My System Specs


If budget is a large concern consider the Phenom with an ASRock A780LM or if you want the ram expansion an A780GMH. Both have only 1 PCIE slot so you aren't paying for 2. If storage is not a huge concern try eBay, I recently got a 250gb HD for 43$. Its not the best deal but still fit my budget better than a 60$ new (+S&H) 80gig. Mostly got it to replace a cantankerous old IDE HD. If gaming isn't top priority value ram will certainly do the trick. I've had luck with A-Data and Kngston, can get 2x2gb for as low as 50$. I wouldn't skimp too much on a PSU. There are junk PSU's, reliable PSU's, and performance PSU's. A reliable Thermaltake TR2 430W might suit but nothing overkill for a midrange system. Something like an OCZ SleathXstream would be overkill. Those are my thoughts.
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