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My System Specs

Exclamation Ever heard about this?

Friend of mine as an Acer T180 (AMD AM2 socket) with onboard video - nVidia 6100 series. He decided to add a video card and I found him a X1650Pro PCI-E on ebay for 28$, brand new.

The thing powers up, video is available on my test rig.

I went to install it last night. Un-installed the nVidia drivers, cleaned the system using DriverCleaner, and rebuilt the cab driver file at the same time. Shut down, installed the card and powered back up. I checked the BIOS. PCI-E is first in line.

Video is available no problem. Then I installed the Ati drivers only, no CCC. Rebooted, and the problems started. No more video, only color lines - impossible to see text. Shut down again, remove the card and powered back up. Got the message of Windows not starting properly...

nVidia drivers were re-installed automatically for the 6100 onboard.

I double-checked the BIOS again. I don't see any particular setting to use the X1650 over the onboard - though I don't know that BIOS at all.

Any ideas why the Ati drivers would cause such an issue?


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