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Default Mouse & Keyboard - Suggestions?

Ok so I've been trying to figure out what mouse and keyboard to get for my (soon-to-be) new system and I can't quite make a decision on it. I use the computer primarily for regular stuff like web-browsing, word processing, music and video playing, and some gaming (mmorpg's).

The most important aspect of a keyboard and mouse for me is stability and function. For that reason I am strongly leaning away from cordless, which could have a tendancy to be finicky. Ergonomics and comfort are also very high on the list of importance since I, of course, want to be comfortable when using the computer. Having a bunch of extra programmable buttons is of little importance to me.

Mice: I have heard great things about both the MX518 and the G5 from Logitech. The problem I am having is that I can't figure out which one would be better for me. One thing that may sway me is that the MX518 uses an optical sensor, which I read may be more reliable over various surfaces than the laser sensor in the G5. I do enjoy using my mouse directly on my desktop without a mouse pad. The prices between the two are pretty much identical. I have also looked at the Razer mice, but the ergonomics of them look less comfortable than the Logitech mice.

Keyboard: Origionally I was going to get the MS Natural Ergonomic 4000, but I recently went to Best Buy and discovered I didn't really like the design. The ergonomics seemed a little over-exaggerated and akward to me. I scoped out the MS Comfort Curve 2000 while I was in there and preferred the less drastic ergonomic design of that keyboard but I could also feel its lesser quality.

There was another keyboard there that I really liked (even moreso than the Comfort Curve 2000) but it came in a combo deal with a craptastic mouse for like $80 and is not sold on its own. Not to mention it is wireless and isn't sold on DirectCanada / NCIX. But looking at it could give you an idea of the design that was most comfortable for me. Any suggestions or assistance would be much appreciated.

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