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The E8400 is deffinetly hard to beat, and none of the Phenom IIs right now will beat its overclocks on air cooling, but overall your better off going with either the Phenom II x3 720BE or the x4 940 BE for the prices their going at now. This is mainly because your overall desktop performance will be a bit faster, but gaming wise you wont see much difference unless the game is multi threaded. Since your not going to be going for SLI/Crossfire I would give a serious look at the AMD builds.

The 4770s are good cards but prepare to overclock that thing as high as it will go to really get its full potential out of it. Also I second dropping the antec case for something else, I wouldnt trust those 550w PSUs that come with them... NZXT also make a couple of decent silent cases as well, for a decent price. Its going to increase your price in the long run a tad so its up to you, but personally Im not a huge fan of Case + PSU bundles except for very low budget builds. - Buy NZXT Hush Quiet ATX Mid Tower Case Black 4X5.25 2X3.5 5X3.5INT No PS W/ Sound Dampening Foam - HUSH In Canada. - Buy NZXT Whisper Silent ATX Case Black 6X5.25 1X3.5 9X3.5INT No PSU W/ Sound Dampening Foam - WHISPER In Canada.

Both cases are very quiet, and will be easier to work on inside the case when putting the pc together.

Oh and drop that XMS ram... that stuff is WAY over priced, G.Skill DDR2 8500s are only $70 at directcanada but you honestly dont need more then DDR2 8000 for the E8400 or DDR2 6400 for the phenom IIs. I personally like the G.Skill DDR2 8000 ram kits, their cheaper then the 6400 stuff but are rated for higher overclocks out of the box.
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