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Lol... I don't remember getting paid at all. Damn, I ripped myself off there big time.

Everything is packed up and ready to go now. We'll pick this up next week in BC. =)

for now... more Flash games are in order:
Thanks to everyone who signed up on my behalf - the game is really addicting isn't it? It's a good thing that they limit the mayhem to a few mins a day.

I managed to loose the bet by a margin of only 2.... I got to 98pupil in 24hrs, which is pretty impressive IMO (albeit I have no basis for comparison, lol).

I'm going to start a clan when I hit level 10 - so if you find yourself interested in this little flash time waster then watch this space and join my clan when the time comes.

For those of you who haven't joined in on the fun - give it a whirl:
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