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Hey 3oh6. Congratulations in putting Canada on the mark for overclocking.

Haha, anyone that runs LN2 is slightly more than an enthusiast. I would say hardcore. And even more hardcore when they get invited to global overclocking championships. The coldest I run is an open window which is tragically 10 C right now.

I can run 4.21ghz with HT on. Damn I wish it was winter again. I get somewhere along the lines 7450 with HT on but a really brutal sm 3.0 score. Below is with that cpu speed but slightly lower gpu speeds.

3DMark Score

SM 2.0 Score

SM 3.0 Score

CPU Score

I believe I can run up to 4.305 with HT on and I get a score of about 7600, but the crippling effect on 3dmark make it not worth it. I believe I got a 27300 with this speed and 940 on the 4890 and 800 on the x2.

I didn't bother running in xp because I heard that it doesn't support more than xfire. If it did support it, I would imagine that I would be getting 30k score.

I will be putting the 4870x2 under water one of these days, but setting up another loop is such a pain. I am hoping that I can get maybe 860 on the 4870x2 with a little bit of added voltage. And with rivatuner, maybe 1030-1050 on the 4890. Hopefully then I can break 30k.

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