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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Hey 3 of 7 , try the application method I did on my AMD build (I had the same damn problem with my CNPS9000 (Yours is a Zalman Too right?).

Put 5 really little dots , in a pattern like the 5 side of a dice and then plant it down square while putting the mount through.
Might work like it did for me.
Took many attempts to get the damn HSF seated right with this stuff.

I've put a Sythe Katana III on this machine and the Zalman is being retired to my dad's machine as we need a non pwm fan for his.
Having said that, even with the eneven spread that HS was still pulling down very good numbers ( even though this mobo is famous for inaccurate sensor readings.)
Nature always sides with the hidden flaw
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