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Sorry it took so long. My i7 motherboard decided to die on me, and RMA was in the US. So I've got my old rig making heat for this testing.

Relevant System Specs (for all runs):
QX9650 @ 4.00GHz (10x400), 1.450Vcore (not lapped)
Asus Formula Maximus
D-Tek Fuzion V2
Thermochill PA120.3 radiators (x3), w/ assorted 38mm fans at approx 500rpm
DDC 3.2 (x2)
120mm S-Flex "D" fan, aimed at socket area for chipset cooling
CPU temps obtained with RealTemp v3.00, uncalibrated
Water temps obtained using a DS18B20 digital sensor

Thermal Pastes Used: MX-2, IC7 Diamond, Cool Labs Liquid Pro

-Each run had at least 24hrs computer on-time, of which at least 12hrs was spent doing Small FFT's on Prime v25.7, before any measurements were taken.
-Idle measurements were taken after computer sat idle for 1/2 hour doing nothing.
-Load measurements were taken after 1 hr of Prime v25.7, set to Small FFT's.

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-The very first MX-2 run had the advantage of several weeks to seat. I have yet to duplicate those temps in the short-term.
-Obviously, the CPU temps can't be lower than the water temps. I didn't calibrate RealTemp to try and fix this, but at the very least the comparisons should be apples-to-apples across the board.
-After the second IC7 run, after looking over some notes, I was curious as to whether the Fuzion V2 mount system wasn't putting out enough pressure. So, without disturbing the block, I inserted a 1/4" spacer between the backing plate and the motherboard and torqued it down again, giving it another 24hr period to (possibly) cure better. The almost 2 degrees improvement is a little too much to attribute solely to a little extra curing time, so I'm think the Fuzion V2 is a little light on contact pressure.
-While it had the best temps, CL Liquid Pro is seriously a to spread, it'll bork a motherboard if you get it anywhere except on the processor IHS, and I'll probably have to polish the stuff off the waterblock when I finally remove it. Still... definitely came out ahead in this test.

-So take these results how you want. Since the first MX-2 run wasn't 100% fair (the extra curing time), my own judgment says that the IC7 beat out the MX-2 by about 2 degrees. Long-term curing may change these results, but wasn't exactly practical to test here. On the other hand, the CLLP beats out the IC7 by another 2.5 degrees.
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