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Default Why do You Fold?

Kinda thought this might be a topic for anyone thinking of getting into Folding, I know alot of members fold for personal reasons and thought sharing them might inspire others. If you're one of the ones that fold for pure points well thats sad IMO, while we all watch our PPD, F@H isnt about that IMHO, it is about the common person doing what they can to help mankind. Who knows you might just save yourself.

So lets start off:

I fold because I lost my mother to cancer @ a young age, well that got me started anyways, I thought hey if this works then great maybe I can help others not feel the same pain. That was awhile ago now and for me the reasons have changed, now I fold for 4 friends that have variuos forms of cancer, a good buddy and fellow MOD, not here, just told me he was diagnosed with throat cancer last week, 27 years young W/ 3 kids and a wife .
My wifes family has a history of breast cancer, her Grandmother died of it , both her sisters were dianosed with it plus her mom so the odds are she will end up with it too.
Then there is the aquaintices, ppl I know but not well, most notably Femfolder, a stanch supporter of F @ H for many years, these are the reasons I fold, not for some stupid points system, but for real ppl with familys that are left to pickup the pieces of there lives.

So I say to you NON-folder: Fold for christ sake you never know who will be next, maybe you or worse someone you love.


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