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Default Another Raven Post

Ok, so the previous thread made me take a look at the Raven.

My very first impression was the box...HOLY CRAP...what have I gotten into? Turns out it's twice as big as it needs to be! LOL...

Then, when I took it out of the case my second impression was: Yup, a steel case with funky plastic parts.

First and foremost, the plastic parts are VERY well built, and they "feel" expensive. Upon opening the case up I was very happy to see that it was indeed all black inside. Very cool. Some pics on the web show it as being silver inside (as does the box).

The door on the front that goes up and down is pretty cool, but they could have made the mechanism quieter. I expected more here from a case that came to almost $300 cdn.

The installation, including removing everything from my Cosmos S, and putting it into the Raven took under two hours. I still have to rewire it, it's not all that pretty right now. Good enough for tonight though. I also have to flip all the hard drives over, the SATA cables all plug in "upside down". Same with the power cables. Flipping the drives in the other direction will make things much neater. I also have to get some 24" SATA cables... the 18"er's are just too short to do a nice wiring job with this case.

There's also some kind of support bracket that runs across the case. It's sitting in my closet. It won't fit back on with my cooler (Scythe Mugen 2).

I replaced the top fan with a blue LED Coolermaster fan I had lying around. Very cool blue glow from the top. There's also a cool blue accent light above the 5 1/4 bays. Nice touch.

It's pretty easy to see that Silverstone took some design cues from a stealth bomber. It's a really nice matte black finish with a bunch of cool angles.

The only real flaw I've found so far is the top USB ports...TWO? On a $250 case??? WTF? No e-Sata port either (not that I one). However there is Firewire. Does ANYONE use firewire? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? Nope, didn't think so.

I'll play some games later and see how the temps are. I can tell right now though that at idle my CPU is already about 5c cooler!! I'm idling at about 29c....that's pretty good if you ask me. Looks like there might be something to this positive pressure thing Silverstone is ranting about. Oh, it just fell to 28c!!

Anyhow...I like it, 8/10. Points knocked off for not enough USB ports and the noisy door. Minor cosmetic stuff really.
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