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Default E8400, 750W Silencer PSU, P5K Deluxe mobo

E8400- 120$ CAN ( 100$ or so American dollars )
PSU- 150$ CAN
Mobo- 60$ (CAN)

The motherboard is an AMAZING overclocking device, due to the fact all the voltages are unlocked and you can OC to about 2.2v on the CPU and around 2.5 on the RAM or so.
The menu for overclocking is straightforward in the bio's you can tweak everything and anything, and works fine, I've been using it for about 2-3 months, and I've switched to the i7 so new mobo time.

The proc. (E8400) has been used for about the same time as the mobo, its a strong overclocker I've seen it go to 4.2ghz WITH the motherboard I have listed above, I can't garuntee it on anything else because I haven't tried.

The power supply is a STRONG power supply

Silencer 750 Quad Crossfire Power Supply, 750w - PC Power & Cooling

The facts are there.

I haven't posted pictures because I want to view replies and see how many people want what before I take the effort to upload my pictures of them.

There aren't box's for any of them by the way, they'll be shipped by UPS and shipping is not free.

I live in Canada, Alberta, Calgary.
T3K4P3 if you want to calc. shipping costs.

PM or reply for pic's and or deals.
At around 3 replies I'll probably have the pictures up.


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