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Originally Posted by Alwaysrun View Post
Very nice offer Nademon, I signed up and sent off a pm. I just reapplied TIM and reseated my HS twice to get it just right but WTH I'll do it again with this diamond stuff. I'm intreaged about how they demonstrated proper compression spreading. All well and good with a flat HS base but I'm sceptical the results would be as uniformed with popular direct touch heatpipe designs and their many grooves to detour the even spread of the TIM while under compression. We'll see.
Very astute of you Alwaysrun! I thought the exact same thing when I was going to apply it to my OCZ Vendetta 2. I took one look at the heatpipes and the variations in the mating surface and the same thing occurred to me. I found that if I pre-applied some paste with my finger to the cooler, filling in the valleys/voids in between the heatpipes, then did the standard bead in the center of CPU application method, I got a good spread. I guess the goal is to prep the cooler to try and eliminate any air voids from forming. But, can't wait for you to give it a shot and let me know how it worked out for ya!

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