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Default My new system and some questions

So I had fun last night assembling my new system. Mostly new parts, here's what it's got;

Generic Case
Antec 430w PSU
ECS KA3 Mobo w/Crossfire support, 10 USB, 2 IEEE, 4 SATA+2 eSATA)
Athlon X2 5000 (dual 2.6ghz)
2 x 1 GIG OCZ DDR2-800 Crossfire certified ram (was only 2$ more than regular OCZ 2Gig kit)
Sapphire X1950 256MB PCIE (intention is to get a second one and crossfire it later on)
2 x Seagate 320GB SATA (SATA slots 1 & 2)
Samsung DVDR+/- SATA drive w/ lightscribe (SATA slot3, lightscribe was 3$ more)
Pioneer Slot load IDE DVD (IDE0 master)
Zip100 IDE (I still have old financial data on Zip drives, IDE1 master)
floppy (might have to loose it to get the extra front USB & IEEE)

Booted it once, everything seems to be working okay, will start loading XP tonight I hope. I got the Board, Chip, Ram, Video and SATA drives for 870CDN after tax/shipping and have a 40$ mail in rebate. Now on to my questions;

1. There is an AT power connector on the Mobo listed in the manual as an "Auxiliary power connector for graphics cards". It says this should be connected if you run 2 video cards but says little more. Since the video is PCIe I have already connected the cable from the PSU to power the card. Based on the above configuration, is this connection needed/recommended?

2. Front Panel Header; there seems to be no "power LED" pins. There is a 'FP PWR/SLP" pair that I'm unsure what they do, is this the LED? The other three pairs are HDD LED, PWR_SW and RESET_SW which I know and have connected successfully.

3. Raid; Where to start... Should I use raid to get "one fast 640GB" drive? I started the XP install just to see what it said and it currently reports I have 2x130GB drive, but I suspect that is because XP is being confused by SATA. I figure I'll start poking around the CD for SATA drivers to load during the XP install. I also was unable to see where in the BIOS I could Raid these drives (the manual indicates support for Raid0/Raid1/Raid0+1). Will I get instability running RAID on this board? Another of my tech buddies thinks Raiding them is a bad idea. And if someone owns this board and knows where to set RAID, I'd appreciate a heads-up.

4. A question for later, really, but what should I expect if I pick up a second Sapphire X1950 in a year or so? I'm confident my Antec PSU will do the trick, am I right?

That's it for now, if anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate it.

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