Thread: Want to Sell DELL 2709W 27" of glory!
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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
PVA's aren't the greatest for gaming due to the input lag that often goes along with them. Sure the response time is often low(5-10ms), but thats a moot point if it takes 20-30ms for display to show the mouse cursor moving after you moved it(input lag). I don't want to troll this thread or cause an argument so I'll leave it at that.

PVA monitors have AWESOME contrast ratios, so for *watching* media they are great. They have awesome black levels, and are much better in every way than the cheap TN panels that you see going around these days. I'll also agree on the Dell comment, they make great solid monitors.
Some PVA models do have input lag, but once again, it's not the case with this monitor. Never had a problem with it when it came to gaming. My original point was that PVA is better than IPS in terms of gaming and video.
But in all honesty, i'm just speculating. All the info about IPS i got from forums and articles. I've never had the $$ to own a IPS panel
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