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Windows installs can work motherboard to motherboard, hell even chipset to chipset without much issue. That being said I wouldn't recommend it, you might encounter some quirkiness resulting from it.

In terms of how difficult it should be, like SugarJ said, its just a case of booting into safemode, deleting all the chipset drivers, then booting up normally and letting windows reinstall them all again. If its the same chipset(P45 -> P45) chances are you won't even need to do that ad you'll be able to boot as if nothings happened. I've moved a Vista install from a P45 mobo -> P35 mobo painlessly without any driver re installation or issue, so it is possible.

I'd still recommend a clean install if possible, I know ita a pain in the ass, but you'll be much better off in the long run IMO.
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