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with a DDR3-1333 kit you won't really be limited by the lowest memory multi of 2:6 (3X). so without overclocking the memory, you could run up to a 222BCLCK. as you may already know, anything over 200BCLK on any board with any CPU is hit or miss. anything over 220BCLK stable is all but a pipe dream for the most part.

i actually have a Kingston DDR3-1333 3x1GB CL7 kit in the EVGA X58 SLI right now and it has been 200*19 / 2:6 with a i7 920 for DDR3-1200 7-7-7. runs great, but i haven't really done any benching with it to compare with say the DDR3-1600 kit reviewed. if i wasn't so swamped with work i might put something together but in reality, most applications aren't going to show much if any difference. benching is one thing, but daily activities are another. HTH
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