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Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Double Check:
1. Both 8 Pin and 24 Pin Mobo / CPU Power Connectors are properly seated.
2. Check that CPU Fan connector is properly seated
3. Check SATA connector for HD is properly seated
3. Pull it all out of the Case and try Booting up with everything on a Bench

* Before all that ensure your Monitor "Signal in" corresponds to your configuration, as in Analogue (Vga) vs Digital (DVI)
1. Check
2. Check
3. Check
4. Somehow.. it worked. haha

(there was an extra screw there, maybe it was doing a wrong short circuit.. dont know what the expression is in english xD )

Now i can boot the computer. With the onboard video card. As soon as the board booted, it asked me to reset the CMOS and to set all the voltages to "default".

Now, its booting/reseting perfectly fine.
Altrought... when I set my video card (not the onboard one) in, it wont boot again...
Thats weird, im not buying any ECS again :(

I'll try to format the HDD w/o the video card in? Cant hurt.
Other than that.. I don't know what the problem could be..
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