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Default ASROCK 4CoreDual Sata2 won't post

I just got a used 4CoreDual Sata2 motherboard off Ebay for my dad's system, and it's given me more headaches than any other piece of hardware.

I installed in with no problem - it would not boot with 4GB DDR2, but it would with 2GB - not a big deal, I expected this. Since it's booting fine, I take it downstairs to where my dad is going to use it, hook it up - and lo and behold, it won't post. I remove one PCI card, nothing. I remove a second one, and it boots just fine. I replace both PCI cards, but in different slots, the computer still boots just fine. I do notice one thing weird though - at the XP profile selection screen - I can only get the moust to work from one USB port, although within windows, all ports appear functional.

I get a phonecall the next day from my mom telling me that my dad's computer won't start for him. Once again, it won't boot. It will power up, but the monitor flutters on briefly as if it just received some input, but then indicates it will power down because there is no input.

I spend all night removing and replacing PCI cards, disconnecting hard drives and dvd drives, pulling the CPU and putting it back in, switching memory banks, switching between ddr2 and ddr RAM. Nothing.

Today, I try another power supply... won't power up. Twice, I can briefly get a fan to whirl, then nothing. I try the original power supply. No power. I try the power supply from my own system. Nothing. I assume the MB is dead, so I take the pc upstairs to remove the motherboard.

While I've got it on the table, I decide to give it one more try with the original power supply. Nothing. I remove the PCI cards, and try again - it fires up. I grab a monitor to see what the pc is actually doing. I get it to post and boot into windows repeatedly. I put one PCI card back in - the only one that's semi-important to the system. Not a problem, the board posts, and Windows boots without a problem.

I take the system back downstairs, hook it up. It posts, boots into windows just fine. The only visible problem is that the PC isn't hitting the network - for some reason the onboard ethernet port is getting nothing from the network. I start trying to work on that... the screen goes blank.

I am now back to no longer being able to get the thing to post.

The only things I can think of

1) Some of the pins in the cpu socket are bent. Having been able to fully boot into Windows would seem to indicate there should be adequate contact at all contact points however, and I have trouble seeing that contact being intermittent with the CPU and CPU plate all properly installed.

2) Something dreadfully wrong with the MB, and might as well give up, and wait until my dad feels like buying the necessary components to migrate over to the ASUS P5E3 I bought him.

Any opinons, thoughts, insights, or miraculous revelations? Thank you to anyone who spent the time to read this... and a bigger thank you to anyone with any solid ideas.
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