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Company Name: Asus
Product: P5B-Dlx X 2 (on seperate occasions)
Warranty Period: 3 year
Date purchased: 2006 (nov)
Date RMAed: 2006 (nov~dec)
Ease of RMA: 10
Wait time: 7~10 days from the day i shipped out
Satisfaction: 10

both boards died from the "random death syndrome". doing an RMA with Asus is very easy. i simply called tech support and explained that the board was dead, multiple CPUs and memory where tested with it and no POST (DO NOT e-mail, spend the $2 for the long distance phone call otherwise you could be waiting forever for an RMA number). the agent i talked with understood i knew what i was doing right away and provided me with my case and RMA # then gave me the phone number to the RMA department.

after 5 mins on the phone with the RMA department i had my email with shipping instructions. i shipped the boards on my FedEx account to KY (just standard ground) which cost about $11 each time and within 10 days i had a new one back from Asus with no customs or duty to pay...Asus also pays return shipping. both times i actually got a complete retail package with a brand new board...i am assuming because i RMA'd right after they came out pretty much.

can't really say they could have handled the RMA's any better...the key i think was just making the long distance phone call to tech support instead of e-mail (gotta love Skype out).
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