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My System Specs


Tri SLI will work fine. I remember Legit Reviews was benching their 2 4870X2 with a Corsair HX620, and it was pulling 791W from the wall. Of course, it wasn't enough to successfully complete the bench, but the system never blew up or anything of that sort.

May I ask why you're using Tri-SLI if you're only gaming on a 24" monitor? SLI GTX285 or a GTX295 would be more than enough, and if you feel like saving money, just one GTX285 would be enough. Besides, I don't think they're that much different from your GTX260 Core 216, unless I'm thinking of a different GPU.

And finally, if you want best bang for buck for folding, the 9600GSO with 384/768MB, 96 shaders are the way to go.
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