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My System Specs


Single Vid is the only way to go. Unless you are buying a pair right off the bat, it will always be faster and cheaper to upgrade to a new model vid card than pair up an older one.
Thats obviously a statement from someone whom has never tried out a Crossfire or SLI Rig. You can purchase a Single Card with plans on purchasing a 2nd Card "later on", don't know why you wold state that is better to purchase them at the same time? Provided the intitial Card has some longevity to it this is false.
As for wanting to upgrade and having two GPU's, simply sell one here to recupe some costs and use the other as a dedicated PhysX Card or use them in a 2nd Rig, personally between myself, my kids and my wife, (and thier PC's) their is never a shortage of what to do with PC componenets.
SLI is awesome (I'm sire XFire is the same) when it comes to gaming on 24" monitors and higher!

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