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Default Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Preview: TechGage

More Ass-kicking by Intel......The FSB jump is nothing super in it's own right, but maybe it'll herald a momentary return to the overclocking prowess of the earlier steppings of the C2Ds before Intel honed their binning prowess. I say buying early is your best bet.

By now, you have all the knowledge that you need for when 1333FSB processors drop later this summer. Is there a good reason to be excited? Well, even though this is a mere speed bump, and one that many overclockers have already accomplished long ago, the reason most people have a reason to look forward is the price.
As mentioned on the first page, the E6750 is expected to retail for $189, but will likely cost closer to $200 on most e-tailers. Compare this to current E6700 processors that currently retail for $300+. It's not hard to see the benefits here. Unless you need a processor for a new build right now, it would be wise to hold off until we see these launch.
Simply put, I don't recall the last time I finished benchmarking a new CPU with the feeling of being this impressed by the $/performance ratio.
For the non-overclockers, you will still have the benefit of faster than E6700 speeds and also the ability to run 1:1 ratio with your DDR3-1333 memory, should you decide to buy some. If DDR3 prices don't go down by the time these new processors launch though, it might be one of the rare times where the ram costs twice as much as the CPU.
For overclockers, $200 means a CPU that has the potential to reach 3.8GHz stable on a standard water cooling setup, or 3.44GHz while retaining stock voltage. I think that speaks for itself.

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