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Here's a shot of the backside, not really much of a mess at all, I expected worse to be honest.

Here's a shot dry fitting the Freezer. If you look closely, you can see the Freezer is tilted to the right, away from the NB, and that is why it looks like they aren't touching. It is just resting there with no cpu below it, dry fitting.

I really think Gigabyte dropped the ball here, ther Freezer is an extremely popular HSF for s775, it's price per performance is second to none. They really should have tested this, I cannot fathom how they could not.

The rest are recent pics of the system with the window in the side panel.

Personally, I prefer this look to the vented panel, or grill. In addition to forcing intake air through the filters and reducing dust to almost nil, it affords a better view of the guts.

I'd be very interested in other opinions however! Although the owner ultimately gets the final decision, I feel he would also appreciate general opinions as to which looks best, and to hell with dust.

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