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My System Specs


Originally Posted by chouchou View Post
so it's not my cpu?
i tried a different gpu and it didn't work either.
if i press F1 the 7F error code will go into FF which is normal procedure.
i get one long beep followed by two short beeps

ill stick the gtx 260 into my old rig to see if that works.
The beep codes I am not familar with , and I'll be the first to state that.
I am saying move the GPU into a new slot to test if its the MB slot or not.
I'm not sure on the CPU either. In another thread here a lot of fellow HWC members state it is a really rare case to get a dead CPU from the start.
I have never had a DOA CPU yet, so I don't know the symptoms of that.
I am merely going with my thoughts to troubleshooting it from a VC problem standpoint.

Good Luck,

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