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Its normal, I'll do digging around later on jonnyguru threads and find you some proof, but take me at my word that its completely normal, some people can hear it, most can't. Its caused by the transformer that create's the 12V DC power in case your wondering, the higher the quality, the more noticeable the noise will be IF you can notice it.

Its outside the hearing range of MOST humans, which is why you do not see very many posts on it. Just be glad, you have some very good hearing. That being said if you can hear it without putting your ear to it(very loud buzzing), THEN I'd worry, and RMA it.

Don't worry it, it doesn't sound like an issue with the PSU.

Edit - Added links

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Can't find the post by the SilverStone Engineer explaining it in detail at the moment, I'll look for it in the morning.

Edit 2 - FOUND IT! I'm tired, but I just couldn't leave this till the morning.

jonnyGURU Forums - View Single Post - Silverstone Decathlon 850W (DA850W) squealing like a stuck pig under 3d video load.

Unfortunately for us, this high performance also results in transfomer to produce frequency that a few too many people consider noisy. Believe it or not, we can have three people in the room listening to the same power supply with one person claiming that he cannot hear anything while the other two can identify the noise as either acceptable or annoying. We ended up testing many high wattage power supplies from our other series/other companies and found that practically all of them will make noises but with different frequencies. Our Olympia/Decathlon 650W ~ 850W on average has higher frequency while the Strider lines has the lowest (therefore inaudible to human ears). We found that transient response performance was almost proportional to frequency of sound that a power supply makes.

Contrary to what some have speculated, this phenomenon wasn't caused by quality control issues because we can show the same power supply to two people at the same time and elicit different responses. Rather it was our intention to deliver top dynamic loading performance that produced noises some of our customers consider unacceptable. If you are a current user of our Olympia/Decathlon 650W ~ 850W power supply and you do not hear the noise mentioned by other, it is likely that your ears simply cannot pick up on the frequency emitted or your PC has other noises that are louder (some 680i motherboards and 8800GTX cards have high pitch noises as well).
Emphasis is mine.

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