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My System Specs


Have you tried plugging it in another electrical outlet? That is odd because I've never heard that before. All of my PSUs are quiet, even way back then the few generic ones, all quiet. As long as your AC power is within the PSU's specs (usually 90VAC~135VAC) and you have a proper ground, I wouldn't worry - if you have a way to test your PSU using a VMM to rule out a bad PSU, test it at both idle and under load, the 5V & 12V outputs. That faint "buzzing" noise is probably the same noise you would hear if you got close to your water boiler box while the elements are off or even some oven or that coming from a dimmer switch - usually the sound would come from resistors. You mentionned you had an electrician check your power, so I assume he checked for proper wiring and grounding - Does your PSU work normally otherwise when in operation ? Does it become very hot or make other noises ? are the voltages within spec ? Also, don't waste your time with a UPS or power conditionner, that will not solve that faint buzzing sound.
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