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Default Strange SLI bar

I'm not sure where it came from or how to get rid of it but when I go into SLI mode through NVidia control panel, I get this bar when running 3D Vantage and when playing games!'s like a meter of some sort....anyone else experience this?....better yet, anyone know how I can get rid of it??....trying to play Crysis with this STUPID bar is drivin' me nutz!

Also, I've had nothing but trouble with this Striker II Extreme board (I know I know...serves me right for trying the 790i comments from the peanut gallery please! first I thought the board was a dud or the ddr3 was faulty but I don't think that is the case. However, I couldn't get it to boot up, it would post fine but just keep reposting instead of booting into vista. Then last night after many trial and error tests, I decided to put the vista cd back in (I had tried this before with no luck) and I discovered that the vraptor all of a sudden was wiped clean!...I had to format because windows said it couldn't install windows because the drive had to be formatted!...3 days ago it was my OS drive with lots of stuff on it and working fine!

Lastly, I went to format my 750GB HDD to use as a file drive but when I did it showed up on the format screen as 279GB!...same as the vraptor....any thoughts??..thanks

Cheers :)
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