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Default Yup the big high heatsink, over clocked or not, still hot

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Where are you touching that's getting so hot? The higher heatsink?

I'll check mine out after you verify.

BTW.... Looks like a nice build. That looks like quite the cooler they've got on the ASUS 1950pros.

Yeah the one thats so hot is the Big Gigabyte gold heatsink between the cpu and the Radeon... as for the cooler on the radeon it is kinda nice I't good enough that I'm not going to reuse the Zalman heatsink I had on my x800gto on the x1950pro....

That chipset is definately the hottest thing in my pc by far, the e6600 is very cool, I was very impressed by that but then again I did go from an athlon xp 3200+ to the e6600 and the xp's were hot chips...

One more note... here's some benchies, I've gotten the e6600 up to 3.2Ghz without over volting anything and on the stock cooler.

3dmark2001se 42692 3dmarks
3dmark2005 10802 3dmarks
3dmark2006 5361 3dmarks
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