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Originally Posted by FreqE1 View Post
It's strange but all the same internal parts provided great text at any resolution before the reformat.

My mother is a facebook junkie and of course she got infected with the zlob virus. I decided to reformat rather than fight it. The comp is an HP AMD and I had put XP on it because she hated Vista. Lots of fun tracking down drivers! I did this months ago and everything went fine. This time around the text thing happened.

I found a resonable comprimise between the resolution, text size option, DPI and enabled the clear type option (that's the one I couldn't find). I hated going away from the native resolution but it's her comp and eyes so WTH. It's at 1300something x 720, 126 DPI, large fonts with clear type. Any other non-native res gives bad text. She's happy so life's good.

Thanks again guys.
I suggest to get your mom a 17 or 19 inch monitor if she has that much trouble seeing a computer screen.

Also you can increase the font size separately in a browser.
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