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Okies, your not going to like this....
But I had built many many networks in my past NT carrer. In a time when p2 boards when the norm And the 440BX was the Skulltrail. Back than, there was a real prob with 'culled' bios's. SOme where salvaged from an existing chipset. If you have a MOBO that says it supports HT, but has a prob, dont update the BIOS, check the serials of the board, IVe had mant Asus boars back than that said they were Asus but had a plagarized bios. ITs IT, it happens. When I checked the serial at the bottom of the BIOS flash POST screen, I found out that it wasnt lisenced, and it was culled to a chipset that really sold by another company like PCchips and sold by ASUS....... BAD....


or have another beer... Any one want one?

Oh, and I jsut remembered that back than , there was HT. Its nothing new....

Study up your CPU's in MULTITHREADING, HT is intels copout for not being able to compete with SUN UltraSPARC, MIPS, DEC Alpha and HP..

So, can your mobo really support HT?
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