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Actually how it works is that it's 400mhz x 2, so it's operating at DDR2 800 which is not uncommon. That is a JDEC standard setting.

Increasing voltage won't do anything to speed it up.

Step 1, Find the default specs for your memory on it's packaging or the website. You'll need Timings, Voltage, Mhz.

Now i'm not familiar with your bios but you will need to find a way to manually enter in these specifications. (Sometimes this requires you to "Unlink" your memory in order to change the settings manually).

Set your memory to 500mhz, 500 x 2 = 1000, then set your timings to their default, and set the voltage to default.

Don't increase the voltage unless you overclock your memory; it won't change their speed, you change the mhz seperately and apply more voltage to support that.

Let me (us) know if that does or dosen't help!

Edit: btw; 5-4-4-12 on DDR2 1000 is actually pretty nice specs!
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