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Default G.Skill 8000 - Wrong MHz/Timings?


On my new system, I bought G.Skill 8000 2x2gb 1000mhz. I tought I did a great buy at first, but now it seems a little complicated.

Im using a EP45-DS3L mobo.

According to my BIOS and CPU-Z, my ram is only working @ 400mhz. Ok, I admit this is my first build and I'm still a newb at all this but... Dosnt take a pro to figure out 600mhz are missing! :)

Default timings are : 5-4-4-12 (I dont know if that means its good or bad.)

So, I googled for answers, and browsed forums @ g.skill homepage and other places to figure out that the G.Skill 8000 is set to 400 mhz, 1.80v by default by manufacturer to avoid any compatibility issues (with people using 667mhz max mobos for exemple).

The quick "fix" for this issue, would be to increase voltage for the ram. Wich I did.
I incresed the voltage 3 times, almost up 1 volt, and I didnt see any changes in the BIOS or in CPUZ...

What should I do get at least 1000mhz from those suckers?
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