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Maybe this helps Re: ''Scanning Bios Image In harddrive''

New Gigabyte boards have a way of saving the current BIOS to an area of the harddrive you cannot access wgich is why formatting will have no effect. You need to enter the BIOS Q Flash utility and set it up to boot from the main BIOS not the backed up image,
Maybe try that out.

TR Forums • View topic - Scanning Bios image in hard drive...

user who had a problem said
i had some bad memory.
Good Luck, Gigabyte boards already with problems, but I might have to agree with what the user said in the first link, saying that somebody might have been fiddling with the board before you got it, maybe the store you purchased it from were running a QA / Testing on it, to make sure boards work and forgot to revert back to some settings.
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