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Great review lemon, i cant agree more, i just got my FT01 and i agree with everything you said
Originally Posted by MpG View Post
...and if this review is any indication, this site's review standards are only going higher. Very nicely done!

A couple questions:

I don't suppose you're familiar with the filters used in many of the Antec cases? How does the filter mesh on this case compare?

Couldn't quite tell from the photo, but there appears to be almost an inch between the bottom of the mobo and the top of the power supply? Just curious, in the interest of anyone who might possibly be installing a bulky card in the bottom-most expansion slot.

The hot-swap options are powered off molex plugs, rather than SATA power plugs? Does that mean any HDD wanting 3.3V is SOL under this system?
The filter mesh is definitely higher quality than the mesh in my old P182, and seems like it would have way better airflow through it. Also a dual slot card will fit in the bottom PCI-E, assuming the board in question is the same as mine (2 PCI slots below the bottom PCI-E Slot) If the PCI-E slot is on the bottom of the board it looks like it would be a very tight fit, so it basically wouldnt work because the card wouldnt get any air squished up against the PSU
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