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Great review, well done.

Although I'll bring up my typical complaint.

That useless foam they stuck on the panel only insulates the case for heat, it won't absorb anything at all. It's a waste of money and brings the price UP for the consumer. It is complete gimmick and 100% useless for doing anything with sound absorption.

I would HIGHLY suggest when you guys get cases in the future that you request the distributor or manufacturer to send you the sound absorption coefficient of the foam inside the case. If they can't provide it; they're scamming and if they can provide it I can prove that it'll be such a narrow band of frequencies that it'd be useless. Because fans make very WIDE bands of noises. :)

Anyways great review, and honestly, I'm only picky about the acoustical absorption thing because I'm a sound engineer and it's a pet peeve of mine! lol

(I really need to get my sound absorption guide up so everyone can understand, still working on it though.)
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