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No not freq, each CPU has a FSB wall just like MBs do. You test it buy running the CPU on a board that is proven to have high FSB. I have a P5B Vanilla that does near 600 FSB so when I get a new CPU I throw it in there to see how high it will clock. If it does 540 the the CPU wall is 540. Problem is you need extra hardware to test this, i.e. MB and chip that are proven for high FSB. Otherwise you wont know if the bottleneck is the CPU or MB.

Generally, the older CPUs E6600, E6400, E6300 etc have good fsb wall (most >525), the new 4000 series ones suck (can be as low as 420-430), an the 20 versions (like yours) are somewhere in between. That's my experience anyway.
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