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GetDataBack - Data Recovery Software

If the drive is still detected by the motherboard its fairly simple. Use a program like the above to scan the drive, then recover what files are needed. If the drive is okay but theres PCB damage(PCB lit on fire, seems to be the most common reason for PCB damage), its still possible to fix.

You would need to find an EXACT revision drive, thats the hard part, can't be simply the same drive, it has to be the same revision (ver. 1.02G for example). Once you source one(I usually end up buying used on forums, very useful) you swap the PCB's and boot into windows and do same as above.

DO NOT FORMAT/PARTITION or TOUCH, MODIFY, ETC the drive in anyway once you receive it/before starting work on it.

If requested I'll try and whip up a how to guide for both, I'd need to source a PCB damaged HD, but that shouldn't be too hard.
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