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I assume your ide raid card has 2 ide interfaces? Not sure if their will be a preferred config for performance, but the raid software may predetermine it for you.

I always like to set the drives as master and slave just in case csel (cable select) isn't supported by drives/controller and it avoids any confusion if you detatch the drives.

Its also a good idea to label things as well ... the software interface for it (bios and usually some managment software in windows) will list each drive by interface and maybe serial #).

I have never done a raid 0+1, and on my old ide rigs/adapters i only ever used raid 1. In fact on some of the old rigs with bios limits on hdd sizes, i even used these adapters to to support large drives, without raid.

On my current rigs with raid, i am using sata raid with intel matrix storage manager software. Of the 3 rigs with raid atm one is a simple raid 1 on 2 drives, the other 2 are running a raid 5 and a raid 0 volume across 3 drives. One is using ich7r and the other ich8r.

All of my newer 965 based mobo's also have jmicron chips which support raid but i have not heard great things about their. New nvidia chipsets also have it but I don't know much about them.

Raid 0+1 looks like a great idea for your 4 5400 rpm drives to get some performance improvement.

Doing shutdowns with it is important or you will find they are doing rebuilds a lot to resnyc the mirrors and this might reduce the performance advantage of raid 0 while the rebuilds are underway.

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